Ten Interesting Dialogues Of Drama: “Mere Pass Tum Hoo”


One of the best Pakistani Drama of Modern Times. Simply Beautiful.It is a story of extra marital affair but this time there is no typical reaction of husband. He still wants his wife to live with him and have a happy married life. The storyline has moved and touched the hearts of the audience. Every episode gives goose bumps. The story revolves around three words: The story revolves around three words:

Greed, Love and Sacrifice

The way each and every character is being played by our most loved actors is just miraculous and leaves the audience in tears. They really know how to put on a show.. The way each and every character is being played by our most loved actors is just miraculous and leaves the audience in tears. They really know how to put on a show.

The dialogues in this drama have also contributed to its popularity. Some of the best dialogues of mery pas tum ho are:

When Danish first time realized that Mehwish actually gave into temptation. He explained that why it wasn’t acceptable.

“A good girl has courage to refuse the offer of a man and the girl who has no courage to refuse, is not a girl. She is not a girl!!”

When Shehwar  visited their house but Mehwish didn’t tell Danish about anything. Also about the job offered by Shehwar and discusses to start doing job with Danish. Emotional dialogues by Danish:

“We loved each other, spent a beautiful life together  never thought that we had less salary but big dreams. Whenever I saw that people have cars, businesses and big houses, I used to say proudly that “I have you”

Danish and Mehwish discussing Shehwar after he invited them to dinner and mehwish tells Danish that shehwar has offered her job with a very high amount of salary. Danish is protective towards his wife:

“I saw his gaze and before that I saw the world, the sight of a man is his first introduction, we can see his character in it.”

Mr. Mateen is telling his story in the resturaunt. After that he gets emotional and dies. He  was an important character in Mere Pass Tum Ho and his exit from the drama was emotional. Mateensahab shared his story of regret which made the viewers feel for him more than ever. Through these dialogues the writer also conveyed that men too were not forgiven when they were unfaithful. Also that a man too becomes worthless when he does not value the woman who loves him. Muhammad Ahmed’s brilliant acting added to the emotional aspect of this scene. It was the best scene with the most heart touching dialogues.

“We feel pity on unfaithful ones, don’t hate them.”

Roomi and Danish’s relationship has always been the most delightful aspect of  Mere Pass Tum Ho. Roomi was always more close to his father than he was to his mother. Roomi decided to go and stay in a boarding school after his mother left him. Roomi and Danish’s meeting when Danish goes to meet him in the boarding school was emotional. The way Roomi reassures his father was the most emotional part of this meeting. These dialogues were so touching and Roomi’s acting was wonderful in this scene.After months, mehwish wants to meet Romi but he refuses. Danish visits his school and tries to convince Roomi that if he does that Mehwish and her husband will think that Danish has told his his son not to meet mother.Roomi dialogue was emotional:

“Roomi is not your weakness. Roomi is your strength. Now never cry papa, mama doesn’t remain mama if she leaves.”

Danish decided Mehwish will not go to the office after he found out that she lied to her. This confrontation and the exchange of dialogues between Danish and Mehwish was penned down and directed so well. It showed how much had changed between them, how differently these two people viewed their relationship now and how eager Mehwish was to leave Danish. The dialogues of both these characters articulated their frame of mind perfectly.

These dialogues were mind blowing, they were the essence of the twist no one expected. After looking at Mehwish’s pictures at the hotel, Danish did not go home and shout at her but he calmly sat down to explain to her how he felt when he saw those pictures. Danish always tried to make his wife happy but she was never happy with him. Therefore the smile on Mehwish’s face in those pictures was brand new for him. These dialogues are just awesome and one of the many reasons why the viewers fell in love with Danish’s character.

“I also saw your selfies with shehwar in the hotel of Islamabad. While seeing them I didn’t see that you are not wearing black dress. I just saw that your smile was so true, you have bloomed and I wanted same thet when you laugh it seems that there is no sorrow in the world and when you’ll bloom, I’ll say flowers bloom like this. But he defeated me.”

Danish and Shehwar’s meeting in episode 11 was the most emotional scene of  MerePassTum Ho. Shehwar had Mehwish’s permission to do whatever it took to convince Danish to leave her. Shehwar showed Danish the pictures which were taken in the hotel room when Shehwar and Mehwish were there together. Even though Danish was highly disturbed by seeing these pictures but he continued making excuses for his wife. This explanation he gave showed how far he was willing to go in order to save his marriage. These dialogues were penned down beautifully and HumayunSaeed’s expressions in this scene were superb. Right till the end Danish blamed Shehwar because he couldn’t even picture Mehwish not being a part of his life.

“If the girl finds a buyer like you, she becomes happy to know her price and does mistake and it is realized later that once a girl is sold, she becomes cheap.”

“There is no use to keep that wife with you, who is actually not yours. Don’t feel pain for her”

Episode 12 was the most powerful episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho because it had few of the most memorable dialogues from the drama. Danish for the most part was a ‘good sport’ when he divorced Mehwish and let her leave with Shehwar. In this scene, Shehwar thanks him for divorcing Mehwish and thinks this was ‘great’. Danish’s reaction to this basically summed up his feelings in this situation. His words also showed yet again what Mehwish meant to him. He made sure Shehwar knew that this was not great. Once again the timing and the delivery of these dialogues made all the difference. The viewers felt for Danish because of such dialogues in this episode.

Danish: “I have divorced her”

Shehwar: “That’s  great!”

Danish: “Don’t say great. It is not great to steal any accumulated capital from a broken house debris.”

This dialogue from the 12th episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho went viral instantly. There were different kinds of reactions to this particular dialogue. It won’t be wrong to say that this was the most debated and talked about dialogue of this year. In episode 11 when Mehwish finally makes up her mind that she wants to leave Danish, he asks Shehwar to pick her up after giving her a divorce. Shehwar had earlier offered him 50 million rupees for leaving Mehwish. Danish refused to take the money and before bidding farewell to Mehwish, he expressed his anger by telling Shehwar that Mehwish was not worth 50 million rupees. Those people who agreed with the notion and felt for Danish loved this dialogue. Others who thought that this dialogue was insulting and in bad taste, criticized it. For the longest time people shared their views about this dialogues and there were others who made memes to express their opinions. Surely, even those people who are not watching Mere Pass Tum Ho must be fully acquainted with this dialogue if not the context. The superb direction, acting and the timing of this dialogue added to its effectiveness.

“It seems like you are an intelligent businessman. But while making this deal you surprised me. You were offering  me fifty million for this cheap girl.”

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