Saver Foods: One Dish Millionaire..!


The Incredible Success Story of Haji Muhammad Naeem – The Founder of Savour Foods

You might have heard many people in Pakistan complain about poverty and the lack of opportunities in the country. However, there are some people who instead of complaining take the initiative and change their lives, despite all odds. One such name is that of Haji Muhammad Naeem. He is the owner of Savour Foods, a household name in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This fast food restaurant famous for its delicious ‘pulao kabab’ has become the identity of the twin cities.

Here is how Haji Muhammad Naeem and his family built this ‘Pulao Kabab’ empire from nothing to the biggest food outlet in the twin cities.

The first branch of Savour Foods was opened in 1988 near Gordon College, Rawalpindi

Haji Muhammad Naeem belongs from a religious and landlord family of Gojra, Toba Tek Singh. He started the first Savour Foods restaurant with the support of his family in the year 1988. It was a small restaurant in a small shop near Gordon College, Rawalpindi. The restaurant comprised of a very small kitchen and a sitting area with about 20 chairs in it. The things were tough at that time. The shop was opened in a residential area and there was not much hustle and bustle in the area at that time.

The Business Strategy

In the beginning the things were not so good for Savour Foods. The profits were quite small and the space was very limited. But, despite all difficulties, Savour Foods always maintained its standard. Special attention was given to ensure the cleanliness and the quality of the food served to the customers. Here, Haji Muhammad Naeem explains that perseverance was of vital importance. Unlike many people who keep switching from one business to another, he kept on working hard on Savour foods. He kept on re-investing the profits in the same business.

The Expansion

Savour Foods First Branch

As mentioned above, Savour Foods opened its first outlet near Gordon College in Rawalpindi in the year 1988. Savour Foods focused on its first outlet for the first 13 years. They kept on expanding the place and improving the processes. This allowed them to develop a considerable amount of goodwill in Rawalpindi.

Savour Foods Second Branch

The second branch of Savour Foods was opened in 2001 in Bagh Sardaran area of Rawalpindi.

Savour Foods Third Branch

Savour Foods opened its third branch in Melody Food Park, Islamabad in the year 2002. At that time CDA was developing the food park and CDA specially invited Savour Foods to open an outlet in the food park in order to make the Melody Food Park a success.

Savour Foods Fourth Branch

Savour Foods Restaurant in Blue Area, Islamabad

The fourth and the biggest branch of Savour Foods was opened on 24th March 2005 in Blue Area, Islamabad. Savour Foods purchased the land in this main business area of Islamabad for a huge sum of money. However, it proved to be an excellent investment in the later years.

Savour Foods Fifth Branch

The fifth branch of Savour Foods was also opened in the year 2005. It was inaugurated on 14th August 2005. It is located in the Cricket Stadium Food Street, Double Road, Rawalpindi.

Rice Production

In 2002, due to the high demand of high quality rice, Savour Foods built its own rice production plant. The plant was built in Gujranwala district and it ensures that the rice demand of the Savour Foods restaurants is met on time. In addition to meeting the demands of its own restaurants, this rice plant also produces rice for the Savour Rice brand for sale to general public.

Recipe for Success – Affordable Prices and High Quality

Haji Muhammad Naeem the CEO and Founder of Savour Foods tells the recipe for success. He says that affordable prices and high quality are the key to success in food industry. According to him Savour Foods has been able to maintain low prices by removing the middle man from its purchases. The company purchases, beef, chicken, milk, and rice directly from the producers. In addition, Savour Foods does not have to pay the hefty rents every month for its restaurants. Almost all the properties are owned by Savour Foods.

The Problems Being Faced by Savour Foods

The CEO and Founder of Savour Foods Haji Muhammad Naeem says that some of the major problems that Savour Foods has to deal with are shortage of Sui Gas, regular load-shedding of electricity, and dealing with different political regimes that come into power. However, he says that difficulties and challenges are a part of doing business anywhere in the world. And successful businessmen are able to maneuver around these difficulties and take their business forward.


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