The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB)  hopes of hosting Bangladesh for a twin T20I and Test series this month received a boost on Tuesday after it emerged that the latter’s cricket board has sough its players’ consent  for the tour.

While seeking such consent is part of the standard operating procedure  (SOP) before foreign tours,  ESPNcricinfo   reports that it is an indication that wheels are in motion, although a final decision will only be made on Jan 12 when the Bangladesh Cricket Board officials meet.

The BCB, in its last official stance, was adamant that it would send its team to Pakistan only for the T20I series, and insisted that the Test series be played on neutral soil.

The PCB, on the other hand, has maintained that it would no longer play its home series in the UAE as its successful hosting of the Sri Lankan series has answered all questions regarding the security situation in Pakistan.

The impasse, however, may be heading towards a solution as the ESPN report indicates.

Furthermore, the publication says that an unnamed Bangladeshi Test cricketer has already signed up for the Pakistan tour.

Published On Public Hours January 7th, 2020


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