Being well groomed is not reserved for the wealthy or stylish. Anyone can be well groomed if you put in a little extra time to look a part. Self confidence and Being well groomed go hand in hand. You and your personal hygiene will benefit by putting in time and attention to your style. Whether trying to impress a potential client or your partners’ parents, heading to a high-class function, or simply trying to bring some class into your life, looking expensive doesn’t have to be expensive. It is, of course, much easier to have a lot of money, but anyone can look expensive with a little trickery.

  • Know your style:

First foundation of looking expensive is to know in which category you fall. Is it classic or modern? Keep know how about the recent fashion trends to avoid looking out-dated and boring.  Having expensive taste is necessary to look expensive.  You shouldn’t care about what other people think about your style, because you don’t either.

  • Simple Nails:

Nails make someone look classy or not. Too long, too short, not groomed and weird colored nails never look elegant. Medium nails, filed nicely and painted in nude and pastel colors look great & worthy.

  • Statement Glasses:

Go and get some shades that flatter your face nicely.

  • Classic Gold or Silver match:

Try to look for a classical watch, a statement piece of jewelry or a set of pearl jewelry. It makes you look elegant.

  • Signature Scent:

It doesn’t mean to have an expensive one but it must be suiting your personality and your identity.

  • Neutral colors:

These colors fit all tastes, seasons and events. Can be styles according to every fashion trend and are always in trend.

  • Simple Makeup:

No makeup look and fresh looking face and skin always has been in trend. Heavy makeup and not matching to skin tone is always irritating.

  • Structured outfits:

Get your outfit tailored to fit you. Everyone is fascinated by looks, straight lines, strong shapes, architectural spirit and rigid forms, this is what makes sense and looks good.

  • Monochromatic outfits:

They look classy. There are certain outfits that look effortless, but end up being trickier than expected in practice. “I like to style (almost) head-to-toe looks in neutral tones like camel, taupe, or navy, and I’ll add an unexpected pop of color through a layered turtleneck, a fun shoe, or bag,” Top Fashion experts share. If multiple colors feels tricky, go for an accessory in optic white or black for a sleek and eye-catching contrast.

  • Hairstyling:

Easy hairstyles usually look more pretty and classy. Straight and sleek hair look pretty if you don’t want to tie your hair.

  • Matching shoes and bags:

If you are invited to a formal party, to a wedding, to an elegant event. If you are going to take pictures and want to look stylish in them after 15 years. You should perfectly match your accessories and outfit together and aim for an elegant look. A matchy-matchy look isn’t meant only for princesses and royal weddings: You can wear matchy shoes and bags also in your everyday life. When you are wearing a fun and elaborate outfit that contains lots of colors, matching shoes and bag can make you look neater. A simple, neutral, basic look is perfect to make a bag (or a pair of shoes) stand out with a color that contrasts with the rest of the outfit.

Published On Public Hours December 23, 2019


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