Is Maulana’s Plan B face-saving gimmick or does he really mean it!!


“Perhaps Wednesday’s declaration of the JUI-F’s new guide will at present be viewed as a face-sparing activity by many. The issue is, imagine a scenario in which the maulana truly implies it?

“He has just demonstrated that he acknowledges and dismisses guidance at his very own accommodation and has adequately displayed a mind free from any sensible points of confinement for anybody to take him and his Plan B gently. His dissent might be entering an amazingly touchy zone and the JUI-F Boss could wind up in a corner with no way out. 

The arrangement, whenever completed, & could affect day by day life. 
“The JUI-F takes steps to grow the measures to block all way of development on the national street & organize certain arrangement, which would affect everyday life for everyone.”

Pack up from the capital Islamabad.

Firdous Awan said: May God give Maulana capacity to take choices in support for nation:

As JUI-F wraps up its demonstration in Islamabad, head’s assistant Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that she is “supplicating that God enables [Maulana Fazlur Rehman] to settle on choices that are associated with the nation’s improvement”. 

Firdous Ashiq Awan speaks after a hearing in the Islamabad High Court.

Addressing Reporters outside the Islamabad High Court, Awan said that Rehman carried his gathering laborers to the capital as “fuel” to topple the administration Government. 

“As political specialist, we felt sorrowful that a pioneer had utilized the desires of innocent laborers as fuel for his own Desire,” she said.
“All of Maulana’s script were changed,” Awan remarked and went on to recite an Urdu verse to further her point of view:

“Barey be-abroo ho kay terey koochey se ham nikley.”

She said that the JUI-F’s ‘Plan B’ will “be a flop just like the first episode” of the protest.


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