Global warming & Climate change


More than 11,000 top scientists around the world have written and signed an important document and sent it to the word’s people.

In this document they have proposes to impose a global climate emergency, namely, a disasters global climate emergency. The message says that if we humans do not make lasting and profound changes in our way of life, then soon the whole humanity will face destructive consequences & human suffering and problems will destroy humanity.

Although decades have been spent on pollution and disintegrating our living environment.

Climate change predicted by experts is not being taken very serious by the population. Now Eleven thousand Experts from 150 Countries have tried to revive the environmental groups in their document to the world.

University of Sydney Environmentalist Sir Thomas Newsome: also one of those experts who have signed the document has said that, “All scientists have a moral obligation to warn & notify the world about the dangers of global warming”.

Now we have reached the pinnacle of destruction and we need to change and impose a Climate Emergency also to think on how we can reverse it for our future generation.


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