FIA confirms Fatima Sohail is not in that leaked video


An explicit video went viral last week which many claimed was of Fatima Sohail.

Pictures and screenshots started making the rounds and while the young woman looked nothing like her, people on social media immediately got on board to make disgusting comments to troll Fatima, the former wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Fatima took to her own Instagram to clear the air:

Speaking to a news channel, she said, “I am not in this video, I have no links to it, this is not me. I am alone with my child, I am fighting a lot of battles by myself. I am being tormented by the person, you all know who that person is.”

She added, “I have filed an FIA complaint earlier as well as there was a fake account tagging the people I work with and trying to defame me. Say suppose the said person is not behind this, they didn’t even come forward and explain that I am his ex-wife, I have spent 6-7 years with them, that they know me I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

The FIA has also confirmed that Fatima is not the woman in that video, not that we shouldn’t have believed her in the first place.

What this ‘leaked’ video should’ve prompted is a discussion on privacy and how it’s a cyber crime to circulate photos/videos of people without their consent. Instead, it turned into a ruckus attempting to defame a young woman who had nothing to do with the matter.

Fatima recently obtained a khula from Mohsin; she alleges to be a survivor of domestic abuse and is now filing for the sole custody of their son.


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