FBR to go after 17,000 big retailers in latest documentation drive


ISLAMABAD: In a major tax documentation drive, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to go after approximately 17,000 big retailers located in luxurious shopping malls, retail chains and stores having 1,000 square feet size across the country to raise due taxes.

The drive for establishment of mechanized ‘Purpose of Sale’ (POS) framework at these outlets will be started after Dec 1 as a feature of government’s pledge to record offers of enormous retailers who are at present sidestepping installment of charges, which runs into billions.

FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi took to twitter and reported that the assessment body will dispatch mechanized POS for every single enormous retailer from one month from now. “All enormous scale retailers are proposed to incorporate with the framework,” he said.

The reception of the framework, as per the director, will incredibly help retailers as in such cases individual association with FBR will be limited.

As of now, there are just 3,500 major retailers enrolled through POS. At these stores, modernized machines are introduced connecting the business continues with FBR framework to keep an eye on tax avoidance.

Under POS, huge retailers will report their deals progressively with FBR to make it sure that assessment gathered from purchasers at the money counter is really kept with the administration.

“We have distinguished around 17,000 major retailers which will be brought under the POS,” Member Policy Hamid Ateeq Sarwar told Dawn, including that FBR is sitting tight for intentionally reactions from these stores.

He said on the off chance that they didn’t go under the framework, FBR will be left with no decision however to enlist them mightily. He additionally alluded to the presentation of stringent punishments for the individuals who avoided POS, with the probability shutting of shops.

In any case, Sarwar explained that significant punishments will be presented in the following a half year, perhaps with the new spending plan for 2020-21.

It is assessed that FBR will bring around Rs20 billion up in charges from brining every one of these retailers into the net. These shops gather charges from purchasers, yet the equivalent isn’t constantly kept with FBR.

The duty body has anticipated to make the establishment of POS invoicing at right around 20,000 organizations and outlets by June 2020. FBR has just altered the business charge leads by making enrollment with the new framework for all level 1 retailers obligatory.

Sarwar said that it is required for all large shopping centers, brand outlets, affix stores and so on to enlist their deals with the new framework powerful from December 1, 2019. “We will make a move against the individuals who don’t go under the framework,” he commented.

On the issue of little retailers, the part said that FBR has just marked an update of comprehension with them by tolerating their requests. “We have nearly finished the principles and other important changes in charges laws,” he proceeded.

As per Sarwar, these progressions will either be presented through a cash bill in parliament or some different methods. In any case, he explained that no change will be made on the issue of CNIC prerequisite.

The part said that FBR has just chosen to spend nearly $80 million on the robotization of all procedures in the assessment framework. “We need to do advanced observation to recognize dodgers as opposed to assaulting their organizations,” he said.

Sarwar said that to urge clients to look for electronic receipts of their buys at these outlets, FBR will concoct blessing plans to be offered through balloting. These will remember remuneration for deals charge installment by discounting a specific sum.


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